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New CR170 Character Advance!


Evil is rising. It is rumored that soon Starro and worse will return to the shores of Central City. Heroes and Villains will be needed to turn back this tide, but not just any Heroes and Villains. Powerful and experienced and, yes, well-equipped Heroes and Villains will be needed. 

Players can now Advance to CR170 from the Character Create or Character Select screens. You will be granted CR170 gear, with the Shim'Tar style previously found in the Amazon Time Capsule, appropriate feats, and, as a special bonus, access to Episode 27: Amazon Fury Part III. In short, your newly advanced character will be ready to go with everything they might possibly need to start saving the world.  

Episode 27 is a great introduction to the modern era of DCUO, with all the best and latest progression systems and quality of life enhancements, including currency rewards for vendor gear, the vendor discount system for additional gear sets, elite content and gear, and deep combat mechanics. From there, Episodes 28, 29, and 30 await, taking you from WWII Europe to the Earth 3 and beyond. 


Advance to CR170 is now available through Character Creation or at the Character Select screen for 4500 Daybreak/Marketplace Cash. 

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