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Batman Day & Gifts!


Batman Day is here again, a time where (almost) all of Gotham City shows their support and thanks to their Caped Crusader. Start your celebrations with free gifts!

All players can claim:

  • Batman Doll Accessory
  • Batwing Base Pet
  • Sixth Dimension Batman Emblem
  • Batman: The World - Poster Pack (8 posters, small and large)

Members can additionally claim:

  • Flying Jester Blimp Base Pet
  • Enhanced Sixth Dimension Batman Emblem


To claim these gifts, players must log in between September 16-30, 2021.

To claim the member gifts, players must log in with an active membership. One gift per account, but styles can be style-unlocked for 0 Replay Badges. Items are account bound.


Batman Doll Accessory, Sixth Dimension Batman Emblem, Enhanced Sixth Dimension Batman Emblem (Members)

Flying Jester Blimp Base Pet (Members), Batwing Base Pet

Batman: The World Poster Pack


Save The Universe: Batman Classics

Episode 41: House of Legends features up-leveled classic content with Save The Universe. To coincide with Batman Day, the second set of Save The Universe instances is now available: the Batman Classics! 

Explore Batman's past, visit the Batcave's Inner Sanctum, and fight some of Gotham City's most notorious rogues - and pick up gear and rewards while you are at it.

Find more information about Save The Universe and Batman Classic here.


New in the Marketplace: Manor Lair Bundle

Channel your inner Bruce Wayne by moving into his neighborhood! Pick up your own Manor Lair theme with free Manor Decor Pack (on all your characters) with the Manor Lair Bundle in the Marketplace. Want more of these classy base items? The Manor Decor Pack is also in the marketplace separately.

Get more information about the new Manor Lair Bundle here.


To learn more about Batman Day, head to DC's for news, information, and more. Merry Batman Day!

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