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Manor Lair Bundle


It's time to say goodbye to that Sewer Lair that, for reasons passing understanding, you still live in. Upgrade to a brand new Manor Lair and hobnob with Gotham City's wealthiest citizens!

The Manor Lair theme is inspired by Wayne Manor - even rumored to have the same architect! - and is set in an entirely new base layout that's more house than base. It features high ceilings, tintable walls and wallpaper, large rooms and halls, an impressive two-story foyer, and, wait, what is this cave-like room in the back...? Why would that have been in the architect's plans?

To keep your new home secure, the Manor Lair theme comes with state of the art protection from B.A.T. Security Henchmen.


PLUS, look forward to a housewarming package to get your new home off to a great start. Enjoy one free Manor Decor Pack (see below) full of classy base items for every character on your account.

The pack will be delivered via the grant system once the Manor Lair theme is consumed. The pack and items are character bound.


The Manor Lair Bundle will be available in the Marketplace on September 16, 2021, for 1500 Daybreak Cash (PC) or 1500 Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox, NS). The bundle is redeemable by all characters on your account. 



Each character that consumes the Manor Lair theme will receive a free Manor Decor Pack as a grant as part of the Manor Lair Bundle. BUT, if you would like more of these items, the pack will also be available in the Marketplace. Here is what's inside:

  • 10x Elegant Potted Plants
  • 1x Glossed Black Piano
  • 8x Gray Classic Chairs
  • 8x Gray Classic Couches
  • 6x Long Granite Tables
  • 4x Mysterious Bookshelves - Large
  • 2x Ornate Boat Landscapes
  • 2x Ornate Cloud Landscapes
  • 2x Ornate Man Portraits
  • 2x Ornate River Landscapes
  • 2x Ornate Soldier Portraits
  • 2x Palatial Woman Portrait
  • 10x Potted Bamboo Plants
  • 3x Round Mansion Rugs
  • 12x Small Wall Lamps (Tan)
  • 6x Square Granite Coffee Tables
  • 6x Suits of Armor
  • 6x Thin Mansion Rugs
  • 6x Wayne Manor Curtains
  • 1x Wayne Family Portrait (New!)
  • 1x Wayne Manor Chandelier (New!)
  • 8x Wayne Manor Doors (New!)
  • 1x Wayne Manor Secret Door (New!)
  • 1x Batcave: Batwing (New!)


The Manor Decor Pack will be available in the Marketplace on September 16, 2021, for 400 Daybreak Cash (PC) or Marketplace Cash (PS, Xbox, NS). The purchased pack is redeemable once per account, and the pack and items are character bound.



Both the Manor Lair Bundle and the Manor Decor Pack are permanent additions to the Marketplace. Get your new home today!

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