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Bonus Anomaly Capsule Weekend! May 12-14

Bonus Anomaly Capsule Weekend!

Scientists at S.T.A.R. Labs have detected localized disruptions in the fabric of time and space this weekend. All signs point to anomalies in the Team-Up Time Capsules!

This weekend – from Friday, May 12, through Sunday, May 14 – all players will receive a BONUS Anomaly Capsule with EVERY Team-Up Time Capsule opened. What is an Anomaly Capsule? The Anomaly Capsule is an extra, bonus sub-capsule you will get in addition to the Team-Up Time Capsule's contents. The Anomaly Capsule will include one of one of the following rewards from the Team-Up Time Capsule: a collection item, an enhanced emblem, an enhanced High-Density Tactical style, Fabricated Motes, Stabilizer Fragments, or the Magic Supply Crystal.

Remember, the Team-Up Time Capsule itself can contain numerous iconic DC Comics items and styles, including High Density Tactical Gear (inspired by Green Arrow), a suite of emblems (like The Flash, Green Arrow, and more), the Black Flash Cowl, the Negative Speed Force Material, and more. Read this guide for a full list of the capsule's contents.

The Bonus Anomaly Capsules begin this Friday with daily server restarts, and last through Sunday.

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