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Bonus Catalyst Weekend!

Bonus Catalyst Weekend!

Here we go! Are your Artifacts ready to breakthrough to the next rank? Are you still searching for the Catalysts to do so? This is the weekend for you.

Catalysts are always available for Marks of Victory from John Constantine in your HQ or in the Marketplace. But THIS weekend, ALL Catalysts are randomly dropping in Teen Titans: Judas Contract On Duty content. That's right - just play the latest content (event, normal, or elite versions), and you will receive a random Catalyst when you complete each instance. But that's not all...

Free Gift: Breakthrough Cache

Additionally, all players that log in during the bonus weekend will receive a Breakthrough Cache, containing 1 Seal of Preservation (which prevents you from losing your Catalysts if the breakthrough fails), and 2 Catalyst Caches, which when opened will allow you to choose any catalyst you want as a reward. One gift per account.


The Bonus Catalyst Weekend and free gift will begin this Thursday (July 26, 2018) with daily server restarts, and will last through Sunday (July 29, 2018), to daily server restarts on Monday morning. 

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