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Bonus Currency & New Rewards!


We've got a lot of exciting new stuff coming to the Justice League Dark Cursed Episode this week! Starting Thursday, April 11th 2024 you'll earn doubled Tarot Cards currency when you play the latest episode. 

You can use those Tarot Cards to buy a variety of new gear and rewards from the episode vendors - just open the On Duty menu, look for Justice League Dark Cursed in the Latest Episodes section or your map, and warp to Cursed Gotham City to see all the new stuff!


These NEW styles are now available on the episode vendor:

  • Paranormal Wanderer Fedora Style
  • Paranormal Wanderer Jacket Style
  • Paranormal Wanderer Pants Style

Silent Sentinel Cowl, Cape, and Belt

Paranormal Wanderer Fedora, Jacket, and Pants


We're adding the Full Moon Blast Uplink Device to the Episode vendor in this update - this trinket lets you use Hecate's skill in battle whenever you want!



In this update, we're adding 12 new Essence items - if you collect all of them, you'll complete the Collection "A Powerful Gift" and be rewarded with the Magical Drain Aura. One of these essence items will be available at the Episode vendors. The other 11, though, drop from specific magical bosses across the game - it's up to you to uncover which bosses will drop each Essence.

  • Essence added to Episode vendor:
    • Essence of the Grave
  • Essences added to boss drops:
    • Essence of Resurrection
    • Essence of the Great Darkness    
    • Essence of the Avatar    
    • Essence of the Lunar Mechanization    
    • Essence of Destiny    
    • Essence of the Underwater Mystics    
    • Essence of the Magic Word    
    • Essence of Limbo Town    
    • Essence of Unmaking    
    • Essence of Borrowed Power    
    • Essence of the Ethereal    

Magical Drain Aura


Alongside the new Essence items, the following items are being added to the Episode as new boss drops:

  • Mysterious Cosmic Doorway
  • Mysterious Moon Window - Round
  • Mysterious Moon Window - Rectangle

Mysterious Cosmic Doorway and Mysterious Moon Windows


The bonus week begins after the daily server restarts on Thursday, April 11, 2024, and runs through Wednesday, April 17, 2024. The new rewards are permanent additions to the game.

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