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Superman Day Celebration!


April 18th marks the official celebration of Superman Day across the web, the world, and the DC Universe. It marks the date when Superman first debuted in an Action Comics issue. We're celebrating in DC Universe Online with special Superman missions, rewards, and the launch of the highly anticipated Sunstone Fortress Base!

Superman Playlist

To celebrate Superman Day, there will be a cycling daily set of featured content in-game themed around Superman! This will include specific Solo/Duos, Alerts, and Raids. When featured, the bosses in these activities will drop 2X Source Marks - but only on the day they're featured!

Superman Reward Cache

Alongside the Superman Playlist, there are new Daily Missions tied to completing content from it. Completing the Daily Mission will give players a Superman Reward Cache containing all sorts of Superman related items!

The Sunstone Fortress Lair is here!

The highly anticipated Sunstone Fortress Lair is now available to celebrate Superman Day!

This new, unique base layout is a breath-taking recreation of the iconic Fortress of Solitude - and for the first time ever, this base includes an explorable outdoor area! The Sunstone Fortress Lair also comes with new Kryptonian Back-up/Henchmen uplink devices.

The Sunstone Fortress Base Bundle costs 2000 Daybreak cash, and comes with the following items:

  • 1 Sunstone Fortress Base Theme (per character, not tradable, requires level 8 to use)
  • 1 Sunstone Fortress Decor Pack (per character, granted once the theme is used)
  • Matching Kryptonian Back-Up/Henchmen (available from the base Dispenser)
  • Matching Sunstone Hardware and Amenities

Additionally, there's a Sunstone Fortress Decor Pack Bundle available now! For 500 Daybreak cash, you'll get the following items:

  •  1x Sunstone Throne
  •  6x Sunstone Lamp - Small
  •  4x Sunstone Lamp - Large
  •  2x Sunstone Chandelier - Small
  •  1x Sunstone Chandelier - Medium
  •  1x Sunstone Chandelier - Large
  •  2x Legacy of Krypton Statue - Small
  •  1x Legacy of Krypton Statue - Large
  •  1x Legacy of Krypton Statue (League Hall)
  •  1x Sunstone Fortress Key
  •  2x Sunstone Crystal Column Light (Ceiling)
  •  2x Sunstone Crystal Column Light (Floor)
  •  1x Phantom Zone Projector

And more?

We've got plenty of fun stuff dropping today to celebrate Superman Day, but it doesn't stop there. Stay tuned for more info next week on free Superman Day player gift poster sets we'll be gifting all players!


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