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Introducing the Epic Collector's Capsule!


Get ready for the Epic Collector's Capsule, a new way to catch up on Time Capsule rewards beginning September 15, 2022.  

Each Epic Collector's Capsule guarantees you an Epic or better rarity item or collection piece from previous Time Capsules. When opened, you can choose between three randomly selected rewards (or a fourth choice, Quarks). That first choice will ALWAYS contain an item of Epic or better rarity. 

Possible rewards include:

  • Black and White Neon Chroma Pack
  • Dark Shimmer Material
  • Madness Aura
  • Pieces from Collections that reward:
    • Black Flash's Cowl
    • Cloak of Shadows
    • Commander's Harpoon Hand
    • Crown of Solomon Accessory Box
    • Lasso of Truth Style
    • Robotic Arm Style
    • Spyral Operative Pack
    • Super Rebellious Jacket
    • Umbral Aura
  • Enhanced Forbidden, Enhanced Knight of Vengeance, and Enhanced Speed Metal Gear
  • Drowned Amazon, Drowned Pirate, and Hero of Kandor Gear
  • Enhanced Dark Multiverse, Enhanced Gotham, and Enhanced Teen Titans Emblems
  • Dark, Joker's Legacy, and Oracle's Emblems
  • Ally Favor, Nth Metal, Source Marks, Stabilizer Fragments, Quarks
  • And More!

The Epic Collector's Capsule drops in-game from any defeated enemy (to be opened with Stabilizers) or is also available for purchase directly in the Marketplace. Each capsule costs 3 Stabilizers or 300 Daybreak/Marketplace Cash to open. 

Don't wait to secure your most sought after Time Capsule rewards! 



Log in beginning September 15, 2022, to get your Epic Collector's Capsules!

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