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New Ally: Batman!

Ally: Batman

There's no better friend to have in Gotham City. Call in the dark knight himself, Batman.

Caped Crusade
[Combat Ability]
Throws a cone of batarangs before attacking a single target with a flurry of blows.
At Max Affinity Level:

  • (10) +381% damage

From the Shadows
[Passive Ability]
Upon entering combat, gives a percentage increase of Might and Precision for the first 6 instances of damage dealt. Reaching 100 on the Combo Counter refreshes From the Shadows and resets the counter.
At Max Affinity Level:

  • (10) +10% Might, +5% Precision

World’s Greatest
[Passive Ability]
Reveals Investigation, Briefing, and Collection nodes on your minimap and increases their collection speed.
At Max Affinity Level:

  • (10) +100% collection speed


Connect with Batman in-game through Cyborg in the House of Legends, or look for him in the Marketplace beginning September 15, 2022.



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