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Extra Life 2019!

Make a Donation!


It's nearly November already, and that means it's time for another Extra Life Game Day! The DCUO team will be back at it again with a many-hours-long livestream on November 2, 2019, over at

If you remember last year, the day was a ton of fun and the team is looking to top that this year. It looks like we will also thoroughly top last year's reward, too. We'll have a livestream participation reward (so tune in or at least make sure one of your friends does!), AND we will have rewards, plural, for if and when we hit certain donation milestones. 

Extra Life is a great cause. If you want to support us or follow along on our progress, head over to the DCUO Extra Life team page. Remember, even if you can't donate, just spreading the word and joining us on Game Day goes a long way, too. 

We will have more information to share about this year's livestream, activities, timing, and rewards, so check back soon!


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