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Metal Part I: Giant Metal Man-Bat


Metal Gotham City is getting a lot more metal in time for this Halloween. The Batman Who Laughs has released the Giant Metal Man-Bat onto the streets, and a strong team to will be required to bring him down. Starting tomorrow (October 31, 2019), face your fears to earn new feats and rewards! 


Open-World Boss: Giant Metal Man-Bat

Halloween Night kicks off with quite a fright! Head to Metal Gotham City and accept the Chiropteralloy mission. Take out the Metal Man-Bat menace to earn new items, auras and feats! 

New Feats!

  • Participation Medal Man-Bat
  • Bronze Medal Man-Bat
  • Silver Medal Man-Bat
  • Gold Medal Man-Bat

New Rewards!

Defeat this new Giant Metal Man-Bat threat, and earn shiny new rewards. These have a chance to drop when the boss is defeated.

  • Battle Lust Modular Auras (7)
    • Feet, Hands, Head, Right Hand, Hands & Feet, Hands & Head, and Hands & Head & Feet
  • Sidekick Uplink Device: Metal Man-Bat

More New Rewards!

But that's not all! New rewards have been added as drops to the bosses in both Metal Part I raids. 

  • False Idols
    • Forge Metal Chroma 1
    • Drachma Modular Auras (7)
      • Feet, Hands, Head, Right Hand, Hands & Feet, Hands & Head, and Hands & Head & Feet
  • Monsters of Metal
    • Forge Metal Chroma 2
    • Forge Metal Chroma 3

Completing the weekly mission will also reward Dark Metal Coins. 

Drachma Modular Aura, Battle Lust Modular Aura

Forge Metal Chroma Variants


The Giant Metal Man-Bat, rewards, and mission launch tomorrow, October 31, 2019, and are permanent additions to the game. 

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