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Gotham City Starter Pack!

Gotham City Starter Pack

You step foot in Gotham City for the first time. You may have been here before, but not with these new and incredible powers. The streets are dark. The future unknown. You're up for this, but you might want a little help.

Get that help with the BEST value for new players: the Gotham City Starter Pack! The pack includes a variety of starter consumables, TWO full iconic style suits, and the Gotham City Emergency Signal - just in case you need to call in The Bat or his nemesis, The Joker! Over $30 in value!

Here's everything in the pack:

    • Equip for a permanent 25% experience boost.
    • Activate to summon Batman (heroes) or The Joker (villains) in combat when you need help.
    • Iconic style suit inspired by DCUO's Future Batman.
    • Iconic style suit inspired by DCUO's Future Joker.
  • Batwing Accessory
    • Miniature Batwing that hovers behind and follows your character.
  • 25 Source Marks
    • Source Marks are primarily used to acquire better equipment.
  • 10 Soder Colas
    • Used in combat to restore health and power.
  • 4 Radar Enhancers
    • Used to track special Collections throughout Gotham City and Metropolis.

The Gotham City Starter Pack is available now on Nintendo Switch and all platforms for 1000 Marketplace Cash (1000 Daybreak Cash on PC).

Pack includes over $30 of value and will be delivered directly into your character's inventory. Style items are account bound and can be traded to other characters on your account. 

Future Crusader Style Suit

Clown Prince Style Suit

Looking for more great starter packs? Look for the Batman Family Pack, the Ultimate Lantern Corp Pack, and the Atlantean Pack in the Marketplace as well!

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