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Now Available On Nintendo Switch!

Now Available On Nintendo Switch!

DC Universe Online is out now on Nintendo Switch! Take the DC Universe with you wherever you go and always be ready to save the world. TO DOWNLOAD and get started, look for DC Universe Online on your Nintendo Switch's eShop, or click here to go directly to Nintendo's game page



Switch Guides

Whether you are still deciding what superpower, weapon, or movement you want for your character or just looking for gameplay details, the guides section of the website is here to get you started right. 

Switch FAQ

Have questions? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions guide for a rundown of the basics. If you don't find your answer here, let us know on the official forums or tweet to us @DCUO

Gotham City Starter Pack

Setting foot in Gotham City for the first time can be daunting and dangerous. It never hurts to have some backup lined up, just in case. The Gotham City Starter Pack is the best way to get started in DC Universe Online, featuring an item that calls in either Batman (heroes) or The Joker (villains), Batman and The Joker-inspired styles, and more. 

Find the Gotham City Starter Pack in the Starter Packs section of the in-game Marketplace. 

More New Starter Packs

If you are looking for an even bigger head start, make sure you check out all the starter packs now available on the in-game Marketplace: the Atlantean Pack, the Batman Family Pack, and the Ultimate Lantern Corps Pack. The incredible deals continue. 

New in the Marketplace: Source Marks

Source Marks are the primary currency used to better your gear, currently valid all the way up to Episode 32. Get yourself to that next tier or catch up with your friends with packs of 70 Source Marks (1000 Marketplace Cash or Daybreak Cash [PC]) or 200 Source Marks (2500 Marketplace Cash or Daybreak Cash [PC]). 

Warp Timers

Warp timers (how often you can use your map to warp) have been drastically reduced on all platforms for the Nintendo Switch launch. The longest warp timer is now just two minutes, while most are set to 30 seconds. 

Free And Premium Cash Cap

The in-game cash cap for non-members has been increased on all platforms for the Nintendo Switch launch. Free players are now capped to 2000 in-game cash, while Premium players are capped to 3000 cash. Members still enjoy an unlimited cash cap. 


Whether you are new to DC Universe Online and just starting your adventures or a veteran joining the Nintendo Switch community, welcome home. For the latest news, information, promotions, and updates:

We will see you in-game soon!




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