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Kryptonian Time Capsule!

Though destroyed, Krypton's legacy is felt every day on Earth through the presence of Superman and his kin. From the ultimate hero to the most dangerous villain, Kryptonians are as infamous as they are alien, and as familiar as they are our friends. The Kryptonian Time Capsule takes inspiration from these powerful beings, and will be dropping in-game and available directly on the Marketplace after restarts on June 27, 2018. This and all Time Capsules can be unlocked with Stabilizers. Stabilizers are earned in-game or purchased in the Marketplace. 

If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule - or what is in previous Time Capsules - check out our helpful guide!


New Structure

The Kryptonian Time Capsule features fundamental changes to the structure of Time Capsules and what happens when they are opened. You may be used to receiving a subcapsule with each open, and while the legacy of those subcapsules remains, the subcapsules themselves do not. What's that mean? More choice.

Instead of receiving one of three possible subcapsules, and then having to open it to find out what is inside, every time you open a Time Capsule we will (effectively) open one of each of the three subcapsules and display their contents in the loot selection window. Then, you can choose the reward you want directly. 

This is intended to make finding the things you most want easier. For example, let's say you have gotten all of the Flamebird styles except for the boots. Previously, you would have to get the gear subcapsule and open it until you got lucky and got those boots. In the process, you would likely get a lot of other styles that you already have and trade them away. That was okay, but we wanted to do better. Now, you will be presented with whichever piece of gear comes up before you're locked in to accepting it. Not the boots? Great, you can pick something else.

Now, in addition to that loot choice you can make, opening the Kryptonian Time Capsule still grants you a ton of other rewards randomly with each open, including Quarks (Rewards from Time & Space vendor currency), Soder Cola Ultimates, collections, and, wait for it, several all new hairstyles. 

Keep reading for more information on all these rewards!



Kryptonian Flamebird Gear

Inspired by Flamebird, the sometimes moniker of Supergirl and Powergirl and protectors of Kandor, this new gear and style set exudes fire and flight. Wear with pride!

You will receive a random Flamebird gear piece in your loot selection window with every Kryptonian Time Capsule you open. When consumed, the gear will become level-appropriate to your character. The Enhanced version of the Flamebird gear will also appear (less commonly) in the loot selection window, and when consumed will also become level-appropriate to your character.   



Kryptonian Collections (Reactive Gear)

The DCUO team is absolutely thrilled to introduce Reactive Gear to the game in the Kryptonian Time Capsule. This gear will powerup and glow when you enter combat. This gear is obtained by completing collections whose items will appear in the loot selection window each time you open a Kryptonian Time Capsule. 



Kryptonian Artifacts

The Kryptonian Time Capsule features new artifacts and new artifact food, Sunstones! Sunstones are similar to Nth Metal, but give bonus Artifact XP when used in any of the new Kryptonian artifacts also found in the Kryptonian Time Capsule. Sunstones of random qualities will appear in the loot selection window each time you open a Kryptonian Time Capsule. 

Kryptonian artifacts, on the other hand, are not random in any way. Instead, we have added three new feats - one for opening 5 Kryptonian Time Capsules, one for opening 10, and one for opening 15 - and when completed, each of these feats rewards a new artifact.

These new artifacts rank up just like existing artifacts, increasing your stats as they become stronger, and they have new passive abilities:

  • Amulet of Rao
    • Blessing of Rao: Your Controller Debuffs are (20/30/40)% stronger and hit up to (1/2/4) additional enemies near your target. 
  • Bottled City Soder
    • Flavor of Kandor: +30-90% of Max Power - Self and +30-90% of Max Health - Self
    • Red Sun Rush:
      • In Controller Role: +(2/3/5)% of Max Power - Group
      • In Healer Role: +(2/3/5)% of Max Health - Group
      • In Tank Role: Absorb Damage (3/5/8)% - Group (6 seconds)
      • In Damage Role: +1% damage for (3/5/8) seconds - Group
  • Solar Amplifier
    • Devastating Pulsar: Amplify your Heat Vision with the following upgrades:
      • +10% eye beam damage
      • Your eye beams overheat and explode, damaging enemies near your target
      • Your eye beams burn your target, making them vulnerable to burning effects 





Kryptonians have hair. And so do you. Kryptonians want new hair styles. And so do you! Therefore, these are...Kryptonian hair styles. Yeah. They are definitely out of this world. 

Randomly from the general list when opening a Kryptonian Time Capsule, you may receive one of three new hairstyles. All three hairstyles come in three variants - Normal, Ombre, and Streaks - and can be equipped on both male and female characters. 




The Kryptonian Time Capsule will be available and dropping in-game starting June 27, 2018. Log in and unlock yours!


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