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DCUO Launches on PlayStation 5 TODAY!

THIS IS NOT A DRILL – DC Universe Online is launching on PlayStation 5 TODAY! 

Up ‘til now, DCUO was playable on PlayStation 5 consoles via backwards-compatibility – you can run the PlayStation 4 version of the game and play without issue. 

Today, though, we’re launching a native PlayStation 5 client for the game! Having the game available natively on PlayStation 5 means it’s easier than ever to find and download the game on PSN, and easier than ever for new players to discover it and jump in. 

Plus, there are plenty of benefits to playing on the native PlayStation 5 client, even if you’re already using the backwards-compatible PlayStation 4 version. Playing on PS5 ensures faster load times, smoother transitions, and higher framerates. 

Servers for the PlayStation 5 version are live as of 8AM PT/11AM ET. If you have any questions about the launch, we’ve got you covered – keep scrolling for an FAQ on the PlayStation 5 launch of DC Universe Online. 



When will DCUO be available on the PlayStation 5? 

DCUO has been playable on the PlayStation 5 through PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility since the system's launch. DCUO is now available natively on the PlayStation 5. 


How do I download DCUO on the PlayStation 5? 

On your PlayStation 5, search the PlayStation store for DCUO or DC Universe Online. Make sure you’ve found the PS5-compatible version of the game with the tag “PS5”, and not the PS4-compatible version of the game. Select “Download”. 


What is different about DCUO on PlayStation 5? 

The native version of DCUO on PlayStation 5 can better take advantage of the system's hardware for stronger performance, smoother framerates, faster load times, and natively runs at 4k. The game itself is identical to the PlayStation 4 version of the game. 


Will I still be able to play with my friends? 

Yes. PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC players continue to play together on the same mega-servers. 


Do my characters, account, and purchases carry over to PlayStation 5 from the PlayStation 4? 

Yes. Your characters, account, and purchases are attached to your PlayStation account. Simply log in with the same PlayStation account and all of your characters and purchases will be available. 


Can I still play on PlayStation 4? 

Yes. You can choose to log in on either your PlayStation 4 or your PlayStation 5 at any time (though not simultaneously), or move back and forth, however is most convenient for you. We expect to support DCUO on PlayStation 4 for as long as PlayStation supports the PlayStation 4.  



Questions or comments? Join the discussion on the official forums. 

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