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Producer's Letter - March 2024



WHAT’S NEW? A Studio Update 

Hello DC Universe Online! My name is Kenn "Kendricke" White, and I’m the new Lead Producer for DCUO. 

My first couple months were spent split between getting ramped up on our team and priorities as well as getting back into the game (racing my 9-year-old to level 30 on new characters).   

I know this update came a bit later than expected.  First, I want to emphasize that our team is growing. We’ve brought on a new Creative Director, Al Rivera, and Art Director, Scot Boyd. We're making significant investments in the game’s future, the people who are working on this beloved project, and in DCUO’s overall growth.  To put it simply, this is a great time to be a DCUO player. 

We value everyone’s commitment, feedback, and patience, and we’re putting that same investment back into our community. To start, we're excited to announce we'll be releasing THREE letters from the leadership team throughout the year. Now, more than ever, it's important to keep you all updated on our plans. 

Keep reading to see some of the big things we're bringing to DCUO in 2024 and beyond. What follows are our plans laid out as transparently as possible based what we know or expect to be true – as of right now. 



If you do not read this whole update, here’s what you need to know: 

  • DCUO is NOW AVAILABLE with a new PlayStation 5 client! (Xbox X|S is on the way) 
  • Episode 47 in May: “Brainiac Returns!” (2 raids!) 
  • Episode 48 in November no, wait, SEPTEMBER!! 



Let it be known that DC Universe Online is NOW AVAILABLE as a native client on the PlayStation 5! What does this mean? This means you’ll be able to experience your favorite DC MMO on the latest-gen hardware, which comes with powerful performance improvements and PS5 native features to complement it along the way! To get started on your PS5 journey, visit our FAQ or join the conversation on our forums for more details. 


A LOOK BACK: Q1 2024  

We’ve already celebrated our 13th Anniversary with the return of the Attack of the Anti-Monitor event, featuring new rewards, free gifts, and even a sweepstakes you can enter to win a 13th Anniversary T-shirt. We shared the love during the Valentine's Day event, Love Conquers All, and introduced the new Total Tool Time Capsule featuring rewards inspired by Red Tool and Harley Quinn. The newest Booster Bundle was released, bringing back the most-needed marketplace convenience items in combination with one-of-a-kind style items, and we’ve wrapped it all up with the St. Patrick's Day event, Mister Mxyzptlk's Mischief! Keep an eye out for new post-launch styles for Episode 46: Justice League Dark Cursed shortly after! 


WHAT’S NEXT: Q2 2024  

Moving into the second quarter of the year, our full attention is on Episode 47.  
Brainiac has returned! Seeking to learn from his previous defeats, he's launching an all-out assault on the Earth's ultimate symbols of hope and resistance, the Hall of Justice and the Hall of Doom. With the world hanging in the balance, the Justice League and Lex Luthor's Secret Society are forced to unite their powers and resources to thwart Brainiac's ingeniously malevolent plan. 
Here are some screenshots of what’s currently in-development from our environment artists! 



We’re especially pleased to share that the team will wrap up work on our next base, the Sunstone Fortress. This new base (and new base layout) is inspired by Superman's own Fortress of Solitude and includes our first, much-requested outdoor area with a one of a kind view. The base is expected to launch this April in celebration of Superman's anniversary. 

We are looking forward to the return of the Spring seasonal event, Springtime.  We’re also working on new rewards for Pride, and the Summer seasonal event, Tides of War.   



The later two quarters of the year will be no less eventful. We'll be celebrating the Year of the Dragon, and see the return of Homecoming, Save the Universe, the Fall seasonal event, The Witching Hour, Extra Life, and the Winter seasonal event, Season’s Greedings.  
And just when you thought you’d expect the curtain call to Episode 47: Brainiac Returns – you'd be surprised to hear that we’re moving up Episode 48 to be released sooner rather than later. With our extensive plans to captivate fans with brand new content, more often, we’re ecstatic to announce our roadmap that sets us up for even more thrilling adventures! In fact, Episode 48 is already in pre-production. We will move in new directions, though it is *way* too soon to talk about what Episode 48 will look like, but our goal is to make it as great as and different from any episode that has come before. 


If paragraphs are not your thing, keep your eyes on the calendar roadmaps for all of the latest and greatest that’s to come! 


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