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Open Episodes & Bonus Weeks - Extended!

Update: Open Episodes have been extended through quarantine, without a specific end date.

In the real world, the next few months are likely going to be difficult, perhaps scary, definitely isolating. Here at Dimensional Ink, we can't fundamentally change that - even with all the capes and cowls in the world - but we can do our small part.

We know DCUO can be a way to escape or distract from hard times, and we know playing can be a great way to stay connected with friends from the comfort and safety of our own homes.

For the team, there is an elevated sense of meaning and passion about what we do right now. If we can make anyone's next few weeks easier, that's important to us on an entirely different level. 

That's why we remain (safely) hard at work on our next episode, so you can enjoy it as soon as possible, and that's why we're rolling out bonus WEEKS for the foreseeable future.

Take a break, log in, have fun - and stay safe



First up, we invite everyone to come play all of our storylines and content with Open Episodes. All players will have free access through Episode 37: Birds of Prey (with increased loot lockout times) from March 19, 2020 through the end of quarantine, without a specific end date.  

Wherever you might be in the game, with whatever content you own, you can log in and be a Super Hero without worrying about real-world costs.

Remember, also, that our latest episode's event versions are always accessible to everyone for free, so yes the entire game is here waiting for you. 



No more bonus weekends! We're pulling out all the stops, adding to our previous plans, and converting bonus weekends into bonus WEEKS.

Stop by each week or follow our social channels for the latest information.


Open Episodes begin March 19, 2020. Excludes Episode 38: Wonderverse.

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