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Launch Dates: Starro the Conqueror & the Team-Up Time Capsule!

Starro Event Launch Date!

Starro the Conqueror (the upcoming major event) is set to launch April 5, 2017! This event features open world missions, a duo, an alert, and a raid for all players (minimum level 10), bonus rewards for members, and an end-game, members-only raid (minimum CR 185). For more information on Starro, read this development update and watch this video

Preview Livestream: Team-Up Time Capsule!

Also launching on April 5 is the new Team-Up Time Capsule! Join us for a special "Office Hours" live on Twitch this Friday to preview the capsule's new contents. The stream starts at 3PM PT on March 31, 2017, over on and on the official DCUO Discord server

We'll see you there!

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