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Countdown to Water Powers: Week Six! (Updated August 28!)


JUST ANNOUNCED AT COMIC CON: the new Water powerset launches August 30, 2017!

But before we cool down with Water powers, we need to seriously heat this summer up. Every week between now and Water's launch on August 30, we'll have new in-game gifts, in-game member gifts, launches, promotions, and/or Water reveals, all to prepare the world of DC Universe Online for its 15th powerset. 

Read more about DCUO's Comic Con announcements, and check back each week to see whats new in-game and out. To start things off, keep reading for a preview of week one!



In this sixth and final week, we present to you: Water! 

Launch: Water

This is the week we have been waiting for! The new Water powerset will launch August 30. Members will automatically have access to the powerset. Non-members will be able to purchase the new powerset in the Marketplace.

Remember to log in this week so you can claim any and all gifts you might have missed in the run up to Water's launch. You can still get ALL of the gifts listed below if you log in by August 30, 2017!



The fifth week's activities kick off August 21, 2017. (Remember, all previous week's gifts and rewards are claimable through Water's launch on August 30.)

Gift: Aquaman Comic Book Posters

Fill out your base's library or gallery with new base item posters featuring three iconic Aquaman storylines, both from modern times and from the classics. These poster gifts will be available to all players. One bundle per account. 

Member Gift: Seafoam Aura

If you are a member, you can take your love for Aquaman and Water beyond your base with the new Seafoam Aura. Tip: You may want to use this one for that new Water character you are making on August 30! This aura is claimable on all characters. 



The fourth week's activities kick off August 14, 2017. (Remember, all previous week's gifts and rewards are claimable through Water's launch on August 30.)

Gift: DC Collectibles Comics Super Heroes Aquaman Bust

The DC Collectibles team recently released this incredible Aquaman bust, and they were kind enough to send it our way. We have converted it into an in-game base item and, yes, everyone gets one this week. This is hands down one of the most stunning base items we have ever been able to create for the game, and we know you are all going to enjoy it. One per account. 

Promotion: Retweet To Win the Aquaman Bust IRL

For those of you want the real life version of the DC Collectibles Comics Aquaman Bust by Jim Lee, you're in luck. Follow the official DCUO twitter account this week for your chances to win one of these statues for real.

We'll have TWO Grand Prize Winners will get a DC Collectibles Aquaman Bust, Countdown to Water Kit (custom Aquaman beach towel, water bottle, sunglasses, and beach ball), and $25 in DCUO in-game currency. And TEN Second Place Prize Packs will get a custom Aquaman beach towel, DC icons Aquaman action figure, and $10 in DCUO in-game currency.

For instructions and rules, visit 

Make sure to also check out all of the other amazing products from DC Collectibles! 



The third week's activities kick off August 7, 2017. (Remember, all previous week's gifts and rewards are claimable through Water's launch on August 30.)

Gift: Aquaman Emblem

The staunchest followers of Water will also want to rep their Atlantis and Aquman loyalty. Now they can. All players will receive the Aquaman emblem as the week three gift. UPDATE: The emblem can now be redeemed on ALL characters on your account. 

Member Gift: Enhanced Aquaman Emblem

The one thing better than an iconic Aquaman emblem? An iconic Aquaman emblem that glows in the dark of the deep sea. Members only! UPDATE: The emblem can now be redeemed on ALL characters on your account. 

Livestream Preview: Water Powers!

Tune in this FRIDAY, August 11, 2017, for the first look at Water Powers. The livestream begins at 12PM PT over on 

Watch the replay here:



The second week's activities kick off July 31, 2017. (Remember, all previous week's gifts and rewards are claimable through Water's launch on August 30.)

Gift: Aquaman Beach Towel

You know you want one. There's little as perfect and fitting in this world and this summer than a green beach towel with that gold Aquaman emblem, so we have one for everyone's base. This towel will definitely complement any of the other iconic towels released with this year's summer event. Unite the towels and you almost have the Just-Lounge League.  ... I will show myself out. All players can claim this gift. 

Sale: 50% Off Summer Sale

The summer sale is back! Most items are up to 50% off in the in-game Marketplace, including Replay Badges! The sale begins with daily server restarts on July 31, 2017, and ends on August 6, 2017, at 11:59 PM PT. Stock up on all the things! Excludes Respec Tokens and Stabilizers. 

Member Gift: Arcane Time Capsule

It's a thing around here. Members get more. For week two, members can open an Arcane Time Capsule for FREE! Look for it in the marketplace Redeem/Claim window. 



The first week's activities kick off July 24, 2017. 

Launch: The Stats Revamp

We have said it about a thousand times, and it remains true: before Water must come the Stats Revamp. With Water fast approaching, that means the Stats Revamp is here. The Stats Revamp will launch with Game Update 73 on July 26, 2017. Get excited. Get ready. And click here to brush up on all the revamp's changes.  

Launch: Arcane Time Capsule

The next Time Capsule also launches July 26, featuring gear and styles inspired by Green Lantern Alan Scott. This is a fan-favorite and much requested iconic style unlike anything else yet in the game. And that's not all. Check back July 26 to see everything the Time Capsule includes.  

Gift: Open Episodes

ALSO launching this week? Open Episodes. That's right, Open Episodes are back for all players, young and old. Kick back and play DCUO's first 27 episodes, FREE, through Water's launch on August 30. Open Episodes begin on July 24, 2017. 

Member Gift: War Bonds and Age of Justice Poster

Members get more. We have TWO special gifts just for members on week one. First, claim a Stack of War Bonds (the vendor currency from Age of Justice), and get a jump start on your next Age of Justice goal. War Bonds can be used on the Age of Justice vendor to purchase gear and other rewards from the episode. Or use them on an alt. Or do whatever you want - no strings attached! 

Second, claim a VERY special base item - the Age of Justice poster featuring Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Alan Scott, drawn by the INCREDIBLE Nicola Scott! 


NOTE: Players must log in between when a gift launches and Water's launch on August 30 to receive those gifts. New gifts will become available each week. Miss a week? No problem. Logging in on a later week will also grant the prior weeks' rewards, up until August 30. To receive member gifts, players must log in after each gift has launched and be a member. Anyone can become a member at any time prior to August 30, log in, and receive member gifts.   


We'll see you in-game getting ready for #ThePowerOfWater!

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