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Time Capsule Resurgence!

Booster Gold has figured out a way to send all previous Time Capsules through the Multiverse back to you in the present-day, but only for a limited time! Beginning Wednesday, March 8, 2017, the following Time Capsules will be dropping in game once again:

  • Time Capsule I
  • Amazon Time Capsule
  • Qwardian Time Capsule

Each of these Time Capsules are unchanged from when Booster Gold originally sent them through the multiverse, and still include their unique gear, styles, collections, and more. Want to know more about the specific items and collections available in each Time Capsule? Visit our guide.

NEW: Anomaly Capsule

In addition to each Time Capsule's original contents, every Time Capsule opened during Resurgence ALSO has a chance to grant a new sub-capsule, the Anomaly Capsule. This bonus capsule is extra, on top of what you already receive from regularly opening each Time Capsule. Each Anomaly Capsule can contain the same collection items, rare trinkets, motes, or stabilizer fragments that drop in the Time Capsule you have opened, as well as a chance to get the actual fully-assembled Enhanced versions of emblems and gear styles (no R&D, motes, or recipes required!). 

So take this opportunity to stock up or catch up on any Time Capsules you’re still working on. But don’t delay! As we said before, the Time Capsule Resurgence will only be here for a limited time.

Looking to grab some Stabilizer Fragments in game? Look for the “Stabilizer Resurgence” event in your On Duty menu, which will send you to any of the three previous stabilizer events: Suicide Squad Training, Monster Training, or Antimatter Research. Learn more in the Time Capsule guide!



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