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Wonder Woman Day Gifts!


Wonder Woman made her first appearance in comics 80 years ago. To celebrate her and her big anniversary, get your free gifts!

All players can claim:

  • Amazonian Warrior Chroma Pack
  • Bombshell Wonder Woman's Aegis (back item)
  • Champion of Themyscira's Shield (back item)
  • Reforged Wonder Girl's Bracers
  • Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Emblem
  • Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Poster

Members can additionally claim:

  • Transparent Wonder Plane (accessory)


To claim these gifts, players must log in between October 21-November 17, 2021.

To claim the member gifts, players must log in with an active membership. One gift per account, but styles can be style-unlocked for 0 Replay Badges. Items are account bound.


Amazonian Warrior Chroma Pack, Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Emblem, Reforged Wonder Girl's Bracers

Bombshell Wonder Woman's Aegis & Champion of Themyscira's Shield

Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary Poster (small and large)

Transparent Wonder Plane



Save The Universe: Wonder Woman Classics

Episode 41: House of Legends features up-leveled classic content with Save The Universe. Here for Wonder Woman Day, the third set of Save The Universe instances is now available: the Wonder Woman Classics! 

Explore some of Wonder Woman's best adventures and snag your rewards while you're at it. 

Find more information about Save The Universe and Wonder Woman Classic here.



New in the Marketplace: Wondrous Time Capsule

Styles inspired by Wonder Woman (the Drowned), invisible jets, and more are featured in this new Time Capsule. Channel your fierce spirit and dive into all things Wonder Woman.

Plus, open 25 capsules for your very own Nubia Ally! 

Get more information about the new Time Capsule here.


To learn more about Wonder Woman's 80th Anniversary, head to DC's for news and more.

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