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The Atom Takes on DC Universe Online on XB1

Daybreak sat down with Brandon Routh, the Atom in The CW’s DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, to celebrate DC Universe Online’s launch on the Xbox One. Watch him and Jens Andersen, Daybreak’s Executive Creative Director, navigate through the world and take on Scarecrow and Bane. Who will win – Villains or Atom?

Tiny Tip: If you want to create a character inspired by DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s Atom – similar to the one in the video – here is what you need:

  • Morality: Hero
  • Power: Atomic
  • Movement: Flight
  • Weapon: Hand Blast
  • Color Scheme: Deep Red, Grey, Black
  • Armor: Quickstryke Gear
  • Accessories: Future Cop Helmet

If you want to face off with Scarecrow and Bane like Brandon did in this video, you'll need to select Batman as your mentor! Just getting started? Our First Missions: Batman guide can help you navigate through your start in Gotham City. 

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