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Advance to CR100!

Happy Anniversary, Heroes and Villains!

For six years, you’ve been fighting the good (or bad…) fight on the streets of Gotham City, amid the skyscrapers of Metropolis, and across the DC Universe. In honor of this auspicious occasion, we have a special gift for you!

We’re introducing the Advance to CR100 option into game, and we’re giving everyone one Advance to CR100 for free! And if you’re a member, you’ll get a second one for free!

So, what is Advance to CR100? It works just like Advance to Level 25, which we introduced last year. With this, you can advance a new or existing character to Combat Rating 100. You will be granted appropriate feats and gear, so your character will be ready to play content* in Tier 5 and Tier 6.

What’s Tier 5 and Tier 6 content? Visit our guide!

Playing a new power with your CR100 character? We've got a guide for that too! 

Are you ready to experience more advanced adventures in DCUO? Enjoy your Advance to CR100 gift (or gifts, if you’re a member!) beginning on the sixth anniversary, January 11, 2017. Make sure you log in to claim and use yours before the end of the month (January 31, 2017). 

Thanks for your heroism…and, we suppose, villainy…over the last six years. Now what are you waiting for? There’s more to be done! Log in to game today.



To advance your character to CR100, you first need to log into game.

Once you’re on Character Selection, choose the character on which you’d like to use advance to CR100. (If you want to use it on a brand new character, skip down a bit for details on that!)

Click the “Advance Character Level” button.

Choose the “Skip to CR100” option. Everyone will have the chance to do this on one character for FREE; members will be able to do it on two characters for FREE.

Do you want MORE characters to Advance to CR100? You can also purchase these from this same Character Information menu once you’ve used up the free one(s).

Want to create a NEW character at CR 100?

The option to “Skip to CR 100” will be available during the character create process. After you finish customizing your new hero or villain – including giving him or her a name – you’ll be presented with the options to Skip Tutorial, Skip to Level 25 (for Daybreak/Marketplace Cash), Skip to CR 100 (for free if you haven’t used it yet; for cash if you have), or Start Game.



*After Open Episodes end on January 31, 2017, Skip to CR 100 requires access to content through Membership and/or DLC content purchase.


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