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Wonderverse: Get Caught Up

Episode 38: Wonderverse launches July 30, 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch! Get caught up on everything you need to know.


Reveal Announcement

Wonderverse features the multiverse collapsing and each universe's Wonder Woman. Read more about what the episode offers in this reveal


Wonder Women

Wonderverse features five different versions of Wonder Woman from other universes: our Wonder Woman, Flashpoint Wonder Woman, Nubia, DC Bombshells Wonder Woman, and Red Son Wonder Woman.

Wonder Women


New Artifacts

Three new artifacts launch with the episode: the Purple Healing Ray, Lernaea's Amulet, and the Lasso of Truth. Join the developer discussion here.


New Open World

With this episode, we have taken a new approach to the open world that features raid-like world bosses and rewards without loot locks. Read the Dev Diary here.


Wonderverse Voice Cast

Welcome back Susan Eisenberg and welcome Valoneecia Tolbert, our Wonder Women. Also joining the cast, Alexander Brandon (Steve Trevor), Lowell Bartholomee (Orion), Lainie Frasier (Hera), Chris Loveless (Poseidon), and JM Sprecht (Zeus). 


Wonderverse Preview Livestream

Did you miss the reveal? No problem! Watch the livestream replay now. 


The Gods


New Foes


Check back frequently for the latest updates! Questions or comments? Join the discussion on the official forums!



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